THE RISING CLASS The cynically reassuring image of the beggar on the sidewalk no longer represents the world of the homeless. New figures are born and disguise themselves among us, the fallen. It’s not only the fired workers who flood the streets, nowadays it’s the petty bourgeoisie that “falls” more often. This stratification has one direct consequence. Even the expendables aren’t alone anymore, they represent a stratified and cohesive social group. This group has a similar structure to that of a society governed by economic and political relations: they are a social class. Just like you, just like us. These rapidly approaching sub-classes seem to have one thing in common: giving up. Sometimes it’s a path of redemption o rebuilding achieved through suffering and deprivation, some other times it’s the result of a clear choice. They are the solemn heroes of everyday, the aware survivors to whom it is demanded to deeply reflect on the evolution of society. Those who struggle to find the meaning of time and of human relations as well as the links between men and resources. They try to imagine the changes needed in order to survive to the new world after the end of the world.